Friday, October 24, 2008


This morning we were at the home of Joanne and Gaetan Bourque in Rockland, and a great time, once again, was had by all. Especially by me. First of all, I brought my good friends Bernie and Danny to the house to participate in a no-holds barred, bad-ass sumo wrestling tournament. Bernie (or, Tetsuzukiyama, the Procedure Mountain) is the founder and commissioner of the Ottawa Drunken Redneck Backyard Sumo Wrestling League. Danny (or, Mujinamitsu, the Honey Badger), is the first Yokozuna, or grand champion, of the league. Also in attendance was Phil (or, The Wild Ace from the Provincial Championship Wrestling League).

The Wild Ace did OK for his first time in the sumo ring, winning one match against each of us and finishing at 4-8. Also acquitting himself very well was Tyler, whom we recruited from the neighbourhood. Ottawa Backyard Sumo, after all, is open to everyone. And he did very well, finishing I believe with a similar 4-8 record. The tournament, however, went to the guys with experience, as Mujimamitsu prevailed with a 9-3 record, and Tetsuzukiyama finished in second place at 8-4. I was a disappointing third, with a record of 5-7. The one bright spot was that the ringer, the guy who could have destroyed us all, got stuck in traffic and showed up after the whole thing was over. Tim (or, The Hickster from Provincial Championship Wrestling) is just about the biggest guy I've ever seen. I think he is about 6'9", and about 400 pounds. I would still have bet good money on Mujinamitsu taking at least one match from him, however. He is small, but has inner bigness.

Here is the place to see the video of this major Ottawa sporting event, when it gets uploaded later today:

Then Becky Abbott played, and was fantastic as usual. I took in her second performance from the hot tub in the backyard, as I was pretty sore and stiff from all that sumo action. Doc and Woody seemed to think that I was making myself at home in Joanne and Gaetan's house, and that this might well be rude, but they were the ones who gave me the towel. Then they got mean-spirited, and had our promo guy Esther dump a bucket of ice water on me when I wasn't expecting it. But joke's on them - they didn't even have my microphone on to hear my yelp of surprise! I stayed in the hot tub.

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  1. We had an awesome time too! You guys are always a part of our neighbourhood in the morning, via your show, and you're always welcome to come back LIVE to our neighbourhood anytime.

    Mulligan's Garage
    Bev & Percy (aka Jeff)