Tuesday, October 7, 2008

OGH / Cynical Cinema Major Event!

October 30th. 9:30 p.m. The Bytowne Theatre. Ghostbusters. A special screening of the movie will be happening for CHEZ listeners and Ghostbusters fanatics. And there ARE a lot of Ghostbusters fanatics. This will be a presentation of Cynical Cinema to raise money for Operation Go Home, a charity which supports kids who have found themselves living on the streets of Ottawa. They attempt to reunite those kids with their families, if there is a chance for a reconciliation and a way they can actually go home. If not, they teach the kids, help them with proper documentation, and help them get a job and a place to live. A great cause, and a great reason for an evening out. Last year, they put on The Rocky Horror Picture Show around the same time, a Hallowe'en screening, and we managed to raise a significant chunk of money to help them out. We're hoping to do the same this year. Tickets will be ten dollars, either at the door or at Operation Go Home's location in the market. There will be a raffle for some great prizes, but I have been saving up some prizes of my own for this occasion.

I have managed to get a pile of movies together, movies I have reviewed this past year for Cynical Cinema. And aside from some of the raffle prizes, the first fifty people in line at the show will get a free DVD, one of my favourite movies of the year. By the time the show starts, I'm hoping we get up to 100. If all my plans come through, there will be a free (awesome) DVD for every person who attends this show. Here is a short list of the movies we have so far:

Son of Rambow
Chicago 10
Day of the Dead
The Kite Runner
Hallowe'en (2007)
No Country For Old Men
In Bruges
The Visitor
Roman Holiday
Iron Man

For reviews of each of these movies, go here, to this weirdly long link:


There are others, too, but I left the box in my car and I can't remember what else I was able to snag at the moment. But there are several copies of each movie, and one of the raffle prizes will be a complete Cynical Cinema collection of one of each of these movies (and the others I forget).

There are many others, but I can't remember them right now. I'm very much involved with this cause and this event, and I will continue to plug it as much as I can until October 30th. Last time was an absolute blast, for all those who attended The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and this year looks like it will be even better!

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