Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My deadly computer virus.

I turned my computer on this morning, and there was a big spider on the screen. I couldn't click on it with the mouse, and no matter what program I opened, the spider remained in the same exact spot, on top of the program I was opening. I panicked a little. It was obviously a virus of some kind, one that I couldn't remove or get into. I ran the virus scan thing I have, and it said that it had expired. I guess I need to pay fifty bucks every year or something to renew it. Not having a credit card, I haven't done that. Also, I didn't want to renew it now, while there was a virus on my computer, because who knows how it will affect anything? I searched through the list of programs I have, and there is another virus-removal thing that I think came with the computer and was never used. I used that to scan the hard drive, but it said that it was perfectly clean. I tried for about forty minutes to figure out what was happening. I did everything I could to figure out how to get rid of this thing. I was pulling out my hair and sobbing softly into my oatmeal. And yet this giant spider remained, superimposed over everything I was doing, looking dangerous and mocking my inability to use computers. Then it walked off the screen, onto my notebook paper, across the desk and off into the corner.


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