Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More debates, more fun.

What a bore. After a full week of McCain and Palin going off on Obama, dredging up that Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright stuff and basically calling him a terrorist, why couldn't McCain have done that at the debate? Despite the idioct of these attacks, it would at least have made for more entertainment...although I was reasonably entertained when McCain referred dismissively as "that one" during an answer. The awkwardness of the informal setting was reasonably amusing as well. Sitting at a desk, answering questions directly from the audience, as McCain wandered oddly around the stage, looking as though he was about ninety years old. Wandering in front of the camera at the end when Tom Brokaw was trying to say goodnight, as though he was thoroughly disoriented? Priceless.

But it wasn't all fun. A few things that bother me - McCain's constant use of the words "my friends" creeps me out. He may as well practise that obnoxious Sarah Palin wink. And Obama's overuse of the words "game changer" irritates me as well. Iran acquiring nuclear weapons would be a game changer. Pakistan cutting ties with the U.S. would be a game changer. North Korea outlawing sidewalk spitting would be a game changer. So, anything any other country does is a game changer. Which means that the words "game changer" no longer have any meaning. So stop saying them.

Nothing will change with these debates. The American people have wised up, and Obama is building a bigger and bigger lead as McCain goes the ol' swift boat route in a last gasp of desperation. There is no longer really any reason to watch this stuff, unless you want to see Obama reiterate his standard points and look presidential, or John McCain wander around the stage looking confused and bemused, and snickering like an old man on the edge of dementia. Obama never hurts himself at a debate, playing it safe, and McCain never does himself any favours, looking old and uncomfortable. Big deal.

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