Monday, October 6, 2008

Laid up.

I've been in bed, sick, most of the weekend. Which means I have had very little energy for anything other than watching football and reading Newsweek. What this meant was that I did not have enough energy in my body to chase down the guy whose dog took a giant crap on my front lawn. This huge dog, off it's leash, was well into it's giant poop when we noticed it out the window. My girlfriend was fast, running out the door as I shambled slowly behind, but the guy and his dog were faster. They took off, running down the street. And I was nominated for cleaning it up. After all, I couldn't smell anything anyway.


  1. you should have sent your little dog after the giant dog lol

  2. Be thankful it wasn't dog puke. If there's one thing worse smelling that dog poop it's dog puke!!