Thursday, October 2, 2008

I would like to see a nice, orderly bloodbath, please.

I discovered something about myself yesterday. I was watching Season Two of Meerkat Manor (out this coming Tuesday - check out Cynical Cinema on Tuesday for the review). It's a nature documentary filmed like a reality TV series about a family of meerkats in the Kalahari desert. It's really soap-opera-ish, which is kind of neat. Meerkats get banished from the clan and die, or sometimes return. They have illicit affiars. The whole thing is run like a cult by the leader, a meerkat named Flower, and her partner Zaphod. You see, they are the only meerkats in the group that are allowed to have sex. Anyone else caught having sex gets banishment! But they don't show the meerkats actually having this illicit sexual intercourse. I think they want to keep this show as family-rated as possible. And then it occured to me that a lot of these meerkats die. They die in gang wars with rival clans and they die from predators. And I want to see that! I want to see things eat other things. THAT makes for cool nature shows. And that's just the truth, I imagine, about life in the desert. Things do eat other things.

But this was a new feeling for me. Or, at least, one I hadn't acknowledged that I possess. I have always hated watching Ultimate Fighting. Not because of the violence per se - I mean, I love football, and I watch boxing, and I enjoy those things. But the barbaric nature of Ultimate Fighting is what turns me off. Punching is fine. Kicking is fine. Wrestling holds and judo moves can be neat. But when a guy is knocked down and basically out, and the other guy jumps on him and wails on his unconscious face, I can't stand it. Beating a guy when he's on the ground really bothers me.

Which brings me to the next big bloodbath that I am terribly anxious to see. Tonight's vice-presidential debate. Scheduled decidedly incoveniently at the same time as the Canadian English-language leaders' debate. I'll have to PVR that one. I am loving the right wingers complaining about Katie Couric's "gotcha" journalism, where she asked Sarah Palin some blatantly unfair questions about, you know, John McCain's voting record. And what newspapers she reads. And what Supreme Court decisions she agrees with. And so forth. And she has come off looking like a total moron. As I heard a even a right-wing guy say on O'Reilly's show last night - she makes Dan Quayle look like Socrates. And I don't think Joe Biden is into the Barack Obama nice-guy-at-all-costs thing when it comes to this debate. I think this will be a beatdown on the level of the Cowboys-Bills Super Bowl. Or the Niners-Broncos Super Bowl. Sometimes, I really do enjoy watching someone get beaten up. And I can't wait.

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