Sunday, October 26, 2008

A great evening.

I went to the Rideau Carleton Raceway for a charity event last night - it was a fundraiser for a local motorcycle rider who lost his leg in an accident. He of course hasn't been able to work since then, and with a baby on the way, his friends decided to throw him a big fundraiser. And big it certainly was. The Rideau Carleton people gave them the downstairs hall for free - they made their money off beer and food sales. Local band Quicksand, a group with an outstanding guitar player, played some classic rock tunes. And the biker community turned out in full force. To see the kind of community spirit exemplified by these people is truly amazing. Everyone there was there for the young man who lost his leg, and they were certainly pulling together for the greater good and a common cause. There were raffles, draws, 50/50, and T-shirts being sold. I don't have a total number of money raised, but when I do I will post that here. I am betting it was close to $10,000. Oh, I have the numbers coming in now - it was more than six grand. Fantastic!

In the basement of the Raceway, there was still a boxing ring set up from an amateur tournament that took place there recently. The Rideau Carleton people came up with the suggestion of using that ring for a sumo tournament. (Not like the Friday morning sumo we did in Rockland - the kind with those giant inflatable suits.) So all evening, people were climbing into these massive costumes, and of course I participated in that small bit of lunacy. I got into the ring with Scott, a man about half my size, but with twice my fury. The Rideau Carleton folks had gone above and beyond, sending one of their people to find a bell to ring between rounds, and sending one of their girls home to get her ring-card-girl costume. So Scott and I battled hard to the bell in three rounds, bouncing off the ropes, off each other, while we were pretty well unable to see and couldn't hear a thing. Eventually, I lost the match when I was unable to grab the ring ropes as I was pinned down.

Then we got out of the suits, and I had to feel bad for the young girl who hopped into my suit after me. I think I may have left two or three litres of sweat inside. Those things are tight, and hot, and heavy. I had planned to do a few more bouts, but I was plumb wore out. So I left defeated, but having had a great time.

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