Friday, October 3, 2008

Funny stuff. At least I was wrong.

I was looking forward to a complete destruction of Sarah Palin by Joe Biden last night. And it did not take place. This was not the Giants upsetting the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Because she didn't win the debate. It was not something that stunned the world, it was merely a surprise. Like, we would have been surprised had the Giants kept that Super Bowl final score within three touchdowns. Palin had six talking points prepared for her before the debate, and she stuck to those regardless of the questions that were asked. One on Iraq, one on Afghanistan, one on the economy, one on meeting foreign leaders without preconditions, and two on energy policy. Because that is about all she knows. So regardless of the question, she would answer with one of those six talking points. So, while she clearly lost the debate, in that she didn't really know what she was talking about while Biden clearly did, it has been deemed a mild victory by the Republicans because she didn't dissolve into tears, set the stage on fire, or acciedentally quote the policies of Pol Pot, or forget the name of the current vice president. Score one for the Alaska governor!

I watched the debate on MSNBC, and when it was over the pundits came out, and that's always the funniest part of the event. Some on one side, some on the other. No one said she won, only that she was competent at best. Then, for a laugh, I flipped it over to FOX News. They had that hilarious studio audience button thing, where they turn it to the right if they're happy with what's being said, and to the left if they're sad. Or angry. Or if their fingers are itchy. And they showed a moment in the debate where the dials were all over to the right, and Palin was talking. And then they said she won. Because they are hilarious. This might have been the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Next to the Body Language segment. Or the Hot For Words segment. Or the comparison Bill O'Reilly made yesterday between Nancy Pelosi and Hitler. OK, FOX News is always funny.

I must say, though, I am very much disappointed that this wasn't a bloodbath, because Joe Biden went too easy on Palin. I guess he was told just to make his points and get out of the way, so he didn't look like a big mean bully. He was clear, he was concise, he painted a very accurate picture of America under Obama vs. America under McCain. But he talked far more about McCain vs. Obama than he did about Palin vs. Biden. Which is fine. In fact, it's what he should be doing. But call her out on something. Call her out on the Bridge To Nowhere. Call her out on the fact that she wants women who are victims of rape or incest to be denied the right to an abortion. There were openings for all kinds of justified jabs at the governor herself. She tried to go after Biden about comments he made in the primaries against Obama, why didn't he return the favour?

Well, it's because that isn't what Biden and this debate were really about. This was about Obama and McCain, and that's it. So he took the high road, spoke clearly and answered questions directly, and clearly outperformed his competition. But no major gaffes on her part that could make me laugh or entertain me. Which was upsetting. Until the very end. About a month and a half ago, Palin was wondering what, exactly, it is that the vice-president actually does. As Bill Maher said, it's quite simple. He starts wars, subverts the constitution, and shoots people in the face. Palin, in fact, has said that the only thing she thinks Dick Cheney did wrong know...shooting that guy in the face. But Dick Cheney subverted the United States constitution to create an amount of power for his position that was both unconstitutional and very, very scary. And Palin, in this debate, said she would try to make sure, were McCain elected, that the power of the vice-president was increased. Again. Even more. Which is totally insane. Biden made the point that Dick Cheney is one of the most dangerous individuals in America. Which is true. But perhaps he now has competition.

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  1. Hey Eric, this is a reference that I came up with when it comes to the Fox News Channel... I call it The MOP: The Ministry Of Propaganda