Friday, October 10, 2008

A fine day is had by all. Except, once again, me.

I got up this morning about three and a half hours later than I normally do. Because I didn't have to go into the station before work for once, I had set my alarm for 3:00 instead of 2:00. But I seem to have slept through said alarm, and I woke up just a few short minutes before I was supposed to be on the air at the Bedards' house. Which is in the east end. I live in Kanata, the far, far west end. And although I went to work a little faster than I normally do...I thought I would never make it in time. After all, I was almost late last week - and that house was twelve blocks from mine! (I got stopped for rolling through a stop sign. The COPS made me late.) But this morning, I made it. In fact, I actually beat Doc to the house! He had been lost, driving around trying to find it when I got out of bed. He found it moments after I did.

Then, because it's Thanksgiving, I held the family's frozen turkey between my bare thighs for a few minutes. Doc was out of ideas, it seems. The video isn't up at the time that I'm typing this, but when it does go up, it will be at this link:

A great house, great family, and a great time. Ricky Paquette played a couple of songs, and that kid can just blister on the guitar! Doc has been having some fun at Ricky's expense for some time now, and so I have no idea how old he really is. When he started playing, he was very very young, and so Doc now refers to him as 4 years old, or 12, or 17, or 9, or 11. I have no idea which one, if any, is the right age. Either way, he's much younger than I am and he's much better at the guitar. The video of his performance will be up later today under the same link, check it out.


  1. Damn! The ONE day I don't tune into CHEZ in the morning and it sounds like it was a hilarious time. Le sigh. I imagine that the frozen turkey + your bare thighs was slightly unpleasant... But hey, whatever makes good radio, right?

  2. well, a turkey between a turkey's thighs, sounds like the making of more turkeys lol