Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Conservatives win outright...Liberals fail to cover the spread.

It's over! All that drama, all that hype...all that nothing. And here we are, several weeks later, with the same thing we had several weeks ago. Well, we do have 300 million fewer dollars of taxpayer money to spend. And the Conservatives have 19 more seats. Which, if my math is correct, means that each seat cost us about 16 million dollars. And since it is a minority government again, Stephen Harper doesn't have to deal with his own pesky fixed-election date law. So that means that the moment he thinks the Conservatives have a shot at the majority, we will have another election. However, this time all Harper needs to get his majority is twelve more seats. And according to my math, that election should cost us only $189 million dollars. Whew! At least it will be cheaper. When it happens. Six weeks from now.

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