Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Breaking rock news: The rundown.

So, AC/DC is selling well in Australia. No surprise there, they ought to. Australians remain staunchly patriotic in supporting their homegrown heroes. Which is terrific. With just over a week in stores, Black Ice has sold 84,000 copies. In fact, this album has already become the biggest selling album of the year in Australia, in just a week. The sales in one city last week eclipsed the second place album in the entire country, the Kings of Leon. All fo this is great for AC/DC, Australia and classic rock. But really, isn't it more indicative of a dearth of good music being released, rather than the massive drawing power of AC/DC? Sure, we could expect that they would sell huge numbers, and be first overall, but in a week? More troubling for me though is a new interview with Brian Johnson in Classic Rock magazine, where he suggests that people who want to hear new music, and music that sounds different than other music, are poser jerks. He calls it "musak". So...to Brian Johnson, everything that doesn't sound exactly like everything that has come before is musak? I guess that leaves us with two options...AC/DC and Nickelback.

Led Zeppelin are fueling more tour rumours, as John Paul Jones talks about poking around in the studio with Jimmy Page and Jason Bonham, and trying out (albeit in a half-assed fashion) some new lead singers. They want to tour, at least the three of them do, and they hope Robert Plant will join up with them "in a couple of years". Again, this is all well and good, but do I really want to see two of the four original members playing with a singer they found on youtube? I will say no, I don't. I have always given Led Zeppelin enormous credit for quitting completely when John Bonham died. They said they were no longer Led Zeppelin, and they were going to stop. And they did. Coming back with some random collection of musicians and a new singer is definitely not Led Zeppelin. Call yourself something else, and I'll go see the show, because it's still Jimmy Page. But don't bill it as Zep, please.

There is a new KISS book coming out. It is actually a new edition of an older book called Kiss & Related Recordings Focus: Music! The Songs, The Demos, The Lyrics, And Stories! which might be the most awkward book title in history, made all the more awkward by the preponderance of exclamation! marks. It is now available, edited and changed, under the less-cumbersome title Rock And Roll All Nite: The Music of KISS. Author Julian Gill might be the world's biggest KISS fan (and he would have to be, to write these books), but it sure took him a while to subscribe fully to the Gene Simmons less-is-more philosophy of marketing. Or is that the Gene Simmons more-is-more philosophy? Either way, I can't wait for yet another piece of marketing paraphenalia to hit store shelves about KISS. Is there a more-hyped, less-deserving band in the world? Are the Jonas Brothers a band?


  1. I agree 100% with your Zeppelin comments. Quitting after Bonham bought the farm was honorable, but Jason Bonham as a sit in was understandable, given that he's in the bloodline, but Zeppelin without Plant is not Zeppelin.

  2. From what I've read around the web today, they'll more than likely tour under a different name.