Monday, October 6, 2008

Best time of the year.

This really is the best time of the year. For sports, anyway. Football is in full swing in both the CFL and NFL, hockey has just begun, and it's the baseball playoffs. I can't really get into hockey just yet, mostly because the Senators are playing in Sweden, which makes those games against Pittsburgh seem like not much more than exhibition matches. Until they play a home game I probably won't pay any attention any more.

But right now, I'm really enjoying playoff baseball. I'm cheering for my Red Sox, and I was certainly hoping that the Cubs could reverse their trend of losing every single year in the playoffs. But they couldn't. They've been swept out by the Dodgers. Which is sad. But I think the thing that bugs me most about the playoffs is that the first round is only five games. I don't mind the idea of having three full rounds of baseball playoffs. But why not make them all seven games? In five games, if you get one hot pitcher, you can win the series even if the other team is clearly better. In seven games, you need a little more of a team effort. And it just seems like a strange thing to have the five-gamer in the first round, where flukes are more likely to knock out a better team. Whatever. I'll be watching right through the World Series. I love October.

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