Friday, October 10, 2008

Are you kidding me?

I would like to think that I speak English fairly well. I understand English, I am fairly good at communicating my thoughts to others, and at receiving the information that others wish to impart to me. And even I, with my fairly good grasp of the English language, did not understand the question Steve Murphy asked to Stephane Dion last night. He asked him "if you were prime minister right now, what would you have done differently than Stephen Harper". So...which is it? Dion is Prime Minister right now, or for the last six weeks, the last two he could "have done" something differently than Harper. How long did he hypothetically have to do things differently? And that is what Dion asked Murphy. And Murphy responded "right now. You're Prime Minister right now." And then repeated the question. In the same words. The fact of the matter is, the question really made no sense. Who could answer a question like "if you were promoted to the boss of the company today, what would you have done differently over the past ten years?" It makes no sense.

So Dion asks for a clarification. And the interviewer gives him one, saying "right now". Which clarifies nothing. And then they restart the interview. And he asks the same question. Leading to the same confusion from Dion, and another restart. I hate to send people to the blog of this jackass, but here is the only place I can find the TV clip:

Watch Steve Murphy, and what he says before broadcasting the clip. That he, and CTV, agreed not to ever run that particular clip, and promised Dion and the Liberals that they would not. But then...they do anyway? Because they feel they owe it to the Canadian voters? How much more in the pocket of the Conservatives could this douchebag be? Who does this remind me of...oh yeah! Bill O'Reilly saying how he had taken the high road in not broadcasting Jesse Jackson's off-camera comments about Barack Obama...right before he broadcast those comments.

And of course, the Conservatives jump all over this. Look at Dion! He can't understand a simple question! He can't lead this country, he's an idiot! This would never happen with Stephen Harper! And this is true. This would NOT ever happen with Stephen Harper. Or any other Conservative MPs or candidates. The reason this would never happen with any of those people is that they get interviewed by reporters only when they know what the questions will be ahead of time. Every one of them. Anyone see the article about the MP in my area, Gordon O'Connor, who agreed to an interview, then said "just send me the questions and I'll get back to you in a couple of days"? What? Anyone (even Sarah Palin and Rona Ambrose) can answer interviewer questions well with days to prepare. This is the iron fist of Harper keeping his people, and the media, in line. And Steve Murphy and CTV are helping him out.

Shouldn't the media be the one institution that doesn't want a Conservative government? What with the war that Harper has waged ON that media? How he gets any positive coverage is beyond me. How he manages to get his photo ops done by all these reporters without any reporter mentioning that they are staged photo ops in a studio is beyond me. Why no one talks about the Conservatives who expect to be fed their questions in advance during interviews is beyond me. And Steve Murphy is totally beyond me. First off, there is nothing wrong with Dion's response here, because it is Murphy's fault in the way he phrased the question. I didn't think, when I first saw this, that Murphy had mixed up his tenses on purpose, in order to confuse Dion, but now I'm not so sure. Secondly, all interviews have moments like this. Questions are restarted all the time. Airing this clip is blatant partisanship. Thirdly, suggesting that they had to air it, in the best interests of the public, is frankly sleazy.

Now, I'm no gigantic fan of Stephane Dion. He's a very smart man, and has some good plans, but he's not the guy I want as Prime Minister. I don't object to CTV here because I am a fanatical supporter of Dion's. I object to it because it is low, corrupt, biased, sleazy journalism. Screw you, Steve Murphy, you are Canada's Sean Hannity. That's not a good thing.

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