Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wakin' the neighbours: Volume One.

The first winner of the Doc and Woody wake the neighbours tour: Irene Stec, who didn't respond to my initial bullhorning, then came to the door at the exact wrong time, only to be yelled at through a megaphone inches from her face. My apologies Irene, I hope this didn't cause you any heart problems. A lovely lady with two lovely daughters, we will be at her home on September 12th for the first installment of the Wake the Neighbours tour, with Becky Abbott, a 42 inch TV and breakfast, all in her living room. A short video:


  1. Thanks for this Eric & thanks to Chez for the Wake Up the Neighbours contest. When does it end? Will u visit someone each week and their party is the following week? The details @ Chez site are sketchy to say the least. thank you.

  2. It ends in eight weeks' time, at the CHEO Dream House. And yes, I'll be visiting someone each Monday morning, and their party will be the following Saturday. The way to enter is to listen to "my" bonus codes that will run haphazardly throughout each day on the station. The ones I voiced months ago that have been put through the "bullhorn" sound effect and are therefore kind of muffled on the air. Good luck!

  3. thank you for the quick reply & info. I get it now :)