Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tour stop #2...a success!

Here is a link to the video of Doc And Woody's Wake The Neighbours Tour stop #2:

In this video, you can see me playing a piano, dressed as Stephen Harper. It turns out all you need to look like Stephen Harper is a blue sweater-vest. Although I think perhaps the point of my song was missed...I had a quite a few people say to me afterward "yeah, great song, man! I hate that Stephane Dion too!" Which I think was missing the point entirely...perhaps it was not as effective a spoof as I had intended. Much like that puffin thing.

Next week, however, the main event at John Wright's house in Barrhaven will not be misunderstood. We are promoting an event called something like Punchup At Parliament, where a bunch of police officers will be boxing for charity. And although I would really enjoy taking the title of this event literally, and fighting Pierre Polievre, I guess that is not to be. I will be boxing a cop. Likely, a female cop, knowing Doc. The last time I fought a boxer, it was a woman then too...and there is someting about hitting a woman, even one who is a fighter (and a much better one than I am), that gives me pause. I don't like it and I can't do it. Which means I just get my ass totally beaten while trying to play defense. So...look for that to happen this week...

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