Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm an idiot.

I bought a new car yesterday - traded in the old Kia for a new Hyundai. Which is pretty much the same car, just a little bigger. (More leg room for the kids, you see.) I had all my ducks in a row. My ownership papers, my insurance information, all that stuff one needs for car-buying. I got to Bank Street Hyundai and emptied the contents of my glove compartment and ashtray into a plastic bag to transfer it to the new car. I cleaned out the giant pile of change in the side of the door. And then I went inside, where I realized I had forgotten the one most important thing I was to bring - the void cheque. I had to get it to the dealership before it closed or I couldn't make the purchase. By now, I was exhausted, it was past my bedtime, but I got home, wrote out a void cheque, and started to look for a place that would fax it for me. I went to the library. No dice. I went to the local "resource centre". They were closed. Finally, I went to the post office in the back of the Pharma Plus in my area. (In case anyone is ever in a similar situation, Pharma Plus will send a fax for you for one dollar.) When I got home, way late and long past my bedtime, I was completely exhausted. And my girlfriend, upon going through the bag of stuff I removed from the glove compartment - at the dealership, mind you - finds one of my cheque books.


  1. The same thing happened to us last year (sorta) when we bought our truck. We went through the whole paperwork routine and then right at the end the salesman says "Now all I need is a void cheque." My wife and I looked at each other. Then my wife says to him "You didn't tell us we needed one..." You would think that when you make the deal and they tell you when you can pick it up, they would remind you "Please bring a void cheque with you." But nooooo. Plus, they still had the void cheque from the last car 3 years earlier.. why not just make a copy of it???

    They let us take the truck home anyway, and asked us to drop a cheque off as soon as we could, which I did the next day.

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