Thursday, September 11, 2008

Heather Mills. Oh dear.

When Heather Mills and Paul McCartney first began to fight in public at the time of their divorce...or rather, Heather Mills began to fight in public and McCartney just shut his mouth...I was inclined to defend her. Not that I necessarily believed everything she was saying, but I felt that people were just way too eager to defend McCartney and judge Mills harshly, simply because they love McCartney. And he was a Beatle. And so forth. But as time has gone on, and more and more stories have emerged about Mills, I have given up. She was going to donate "a large portion" of her 48 million dollar divorce settlement to a land mine charity. And then she didn't. She was supposed to have a video of McCartney being abusive, that she was shopping around to TV networks for a million dollars. It turned out to be some fairly innocuous and sweet home videos, and a clip of Hillary Clinton. I was still trying, in my mind, to give her the benefit of the doubt. But then, I see this. And all is lost. I won't even try to describe my reaction to this. By "this" I mean excerpts from the new "fiction" book she is writing. I can't describe the idiocy here. You'll just have to check out the link yourself:

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