Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back at blogging!

I've been having some computer problems, and as such I have been unable to effectively blog over the past week. And I have no interest in blogging unless it can be that my computer is up and running, I will attempt to quickly catch up on the past seven days or so. The last time I wrote a post was just before going to Irene's house in Orleans for the first stop on the Wake The Neighbours tour. Which was a terrific time. Not only did we meet a lovely family - Irene's two young daughters were delightful - but some great neighbours as well. It was nice to hear people say "I've lived hear ten years and this is the first time I've met some of my neighbours". It makes the whole event a real community thing, and it was terrific. Tons of people, lots of great food, a fantastic performance from Becky Abbott, and I dressed up as Hannah Montana and got thrown in the pool. Video of the first tour stop is available here:

The following day, Saturday, I went to a wedding. My good friends John and Karin were getting married, and they asked me to participate in the choir. I wore John's father's St. Matthews choir robe (he wasn't going to need it that day - he was, like the rest of the men in the wedding party, wearing a kilt and a tuxedo top). When I was done, it might have been a little less holy. And it was certainly a lot more sweaty. After the wedding, I heard a lot of people complementing the choir - and I realized this. The optimum number of people in a choir is thirty. That is how many people it takes to drown out the one guy who really sucks. No one noticed at ALL that I was terrible! All in all, a successful wedding...well, aren't all weddings successful if the right people end up married at the end? Now John and Karin are off on their honeymoon, and that means I am making John's football picks for him this week. For my (and John's) football picks, click here and type in CHEZ:

On Sunday, I recovered from a truly heinous hangover. On Monday, I woke up John Wright in Barrhaven for the Wake The Neighbours tour. Although it would be a pretty poor home invasion were you to announce it ahead of time with a bullhorn from the front lawn, I do understand how the whole situation could make someone nervous. As John admitted later on, he peeked out the window and saw a big (he was too polite to say fat) guy on his lawn, approaching his door, and he was a little wary about opening his home up to the megaphone-weilding possible-criminal. Well, sir, just wait until Friday! It turns out John is one of my girlfriend's regular clients at Le Look, her hair salon in Barrhaven. Which meant that the biggest, most excited reaction I got on Monday at the announcement was not from John (who was understandably fairly quiet given his heart palpitations) but from Jen, who was thrilled the next winner was someone she knew. For a video of me waking someone up with a bullhorn, click this link:

Then there was the Tina Fey - Amy Poehler Saturday Night Live sketch, one of the best impressions I have ever seen of anyone. Anywhere. Tina Fey is truly brilliant. Watch a video of Sarah Palin and then watch Tina Fey playing her, and no joke, they are virtually indistinguishable. And of course, the right-wing nutters called it sexist. If by "sexist" they meant "frikkin' hilarious", they were spot-on. To see the video of Tina Fey doing her Sarah Palin thing and Amy Poehler doing her (less perfect but equally funny) Hillary Clinton thing, click here:

Yesterday, Doc mentioned that Rik Emmett, formerly of Triumph, was on tour with a Beatles tribute group called Let It Be, which is coming to town. Once his Beatles tribute tour ends, he will be heading out on tour with an Eric Clapton act. Which led us to speculate that Clapton might come to town with a Triumph tricute act in retaliation. And who would he grab to create this Triumph-style rock and roll power trio? Hmmm...Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce leap to mind...and that got me thinking. Wouldn't that, in some way, be incredible awesome? Cream showing up in Ottawa to play a Triumph tribute show? It's one thing for Clapton to release an album of all Robert Johnson songs, or for Springsteen to do the Pete Seeger songbook. Those are people who came first, who influenced these artists. But imagine Springsteen playing a Bon Jovi tribute show? That would be hilarious. "Since Bon Jovi is Springsteen without the quality, here is my take on how Bed Of Nails should have sounded". Paul McCartney plays the songs of Lawrence Gowan, One Night Only! Anyway, if ever I become a recording star of that magnitude, I will, for the sake of irony, do an entire world tour playing only the songs of Foghat. I think that would be hilarious. To see a video of a cat fighting a printer, click here:

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