Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another fine day.

So...I got beat up by a female cop-boxer and was deafened by a band in the living room. But that was just part and parcel of a wonderful time at the home of John Wright and his family in Barrhaven yesterday morning. We gave the family a full year of hair care at Le Look Hair Studio in Barrhaven (my girlfriend's shop). I have improved, I think, as far as my boxing skills go, thanks to the workout I had at Final Round Boxing a few months ago. But I still, clearly, haven't learned how to play offense. And Becky Abbott and her band absolutely rocked that place. Giving true meaning to the phrase "wake the neighbours". For full video of the third tour stop (and to check out the video of my boxing training, further down the page, if you so desire), check out this link:

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