Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A thought on a commercial.

This commercial has been bugging me, and I ended up discussing it with Adam, one of our sales guys, yesterday. There's a new Blue Light billboard up near our office, and of course the sales folk love to discuss new advertising. This all led to a discussion about that commercial where the foreign guy in the speedo with the blond hair-helmet gets duped into leaving some pool party with the promise of some schnitzel by a guy in shades and a Bud Light suit. And this bothers me. If I had a pool, and I were throwing a pool party, I would welcome that guy with open arms! A European guy in a speedo, with helmet-hair? This guy is adding much-needed humour, personality, and cultural diversity to my party. Why would I trick him into leaving? And if the ladies were worried about him, then I don't want them at my party either. You know who wouldn't be welcome at my pool party? The freaky weirdo who showed up in a full-on Bud Light costume. That guy gets booted from my backyard.

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