Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Old man yells at cloud...and offers his wife up as a prostitute...inadvertently of course.

Every time I see John McCain on TV now, he comes across more and more as a dithering, confused old man. Much like George Bush comes across as a dithering, confused middle-aged man. But as Rachel Maddow pointed out on Olberman last night, what makes this clip really hilarious is that McCain is reading from prepared notes. This isn't the innocent and ultimately foolish rambling of an old guy, this has been written and prepared for him:

Just for a sense of perspective, I wanted to include a video of the actual Miss Buffalo Chip competition from years past, but I can't find it on youtube. Or anywhere else on the net that doesn't require a credit card and a $24.99/month subscription fee. Here is another video that features the less-racy portion of the contest:

The rest, I will have to leave up to your imagination. But keep in mind that this is a hardcore biker rally, and as a contestant, Cindy McCain would have to do be crowned the champion. Also keep in mind, this is a presidential election that is being covered. And the two biggest election-related stories today are a slutty wet-T-shirt contest and Paris Hilton.

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