Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blushing Brides in Perth.

Saturday night, I was out in Perth for a Blushing Brides show to raise money for Olympic athletes. Olympic athletes who are already in Beijing. So, I suppose they are actually raising money to clean out their lungs when they return. Or as just-in-case cash to get them bailed out of prison if they happen to slip while they're there and say the word "Tibet". Kat, the organizer of the event, told me that the athletes were showing up in Beijing early because they had to get acclimated to the smog. I figured they would want to show up seconds before their events, to make sure that their lungs at least started pink. But apparently not. They need to train in the smoggy air to get used to it. Which seems to me like that Tour De France training idea from the 1920s, when they thought that cigarettes helped bike riders breathe better for those mountain stages. Rather than going to Beijing early, they could have just had the Canadian athletes smoke three packs a day for the past year...

Anyway, there was a sparse turnout, at least for the first set. Hopefully more people filled the venue as the night went on - I had to take off early because I had a sick girlfriend and a kid at home, but the show started great. According to the poster, the Brides are the "world's most dangerous Rolling Stones tribute band". I don't know what that means, but they are of course awfully good. Mike, my playing partner from the Doc and Woody golf tournament, showed up with two of the coolest kids in the world, and thanks to some clever finagling we managed to get the kids in to see at least a bit of the show. If they were there in an official capacity, they could be allowed in - so they became, for about an hour, anyway, my interns. Their duties included wearing CHEZ hats and standing by the sound booth. And they got to see the Brides, which was cool.

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