Thursday, August 7, 2008

Audio of the Subway 911 call. Well...calls. Three of them. With mugshot goodness!

The man who called 911 - three times - because his sandwich at Subway wasn't to his liking has had his tape posted on the internet. On the smoking gun website, in fact. Also pictured is the man himself. Hilarious! (For the audio, click at the very top beside the word UPDATE)


  1. This guy definitely needs to get a life!!

  2. these are too funny,
    as well as the Burger Queen.
    We had one at work years ago,,this tool who always Fu&@ed up,came in one day & couldn't get into his locker so he called 911 to tell them he needed a bolt cutter to get into his locker.
    Man did the boss give him an ear full.