Friday, July 25, 2008

This is pretty cool.

A press release I received last week:


Ottawa 21st July, 2008 – This Saturday, Ottawa director Matt West will head to Tinsel Town for the world premiere of The Funeral… Again! at the ‘Dances With Films’ Independent Film Festival in West Hollywood, California.

The quirky, short film is a sweet comedy about coming to terms with the loss. The protagonist, Charlie was 56 when he died for the first time. Otherwise a rather unexceptional man, he went on to die three more times, much to the chagrin of his wife, his friends and neighbours.

Filmed right here in the nation’s capital over three days last December by Michael A. Dobbin at Quiet Revolution Pictures, the movie features the debut screen-performances of a host of regional talent including CHEZ 106 ‘Doc and Woody’ morning show regular and movie-critic Eric (the Intern) Bollman. Now it’s Eric who will have to face the critical spotlight for his performance in the role of ‘Ed’ in the film.

The film also stars newcomers David Templin, Bruce Nicol, Mary Jane Chisholm and Barbara Gray; as well as the work of Ottawa-based crew including cinematographer Michael Tien.

This will be the festival debut of the movie, which is anticipated to make further appearances at worldwide festivals through 2008-2009.

West, who is best known for his work on popular lifestyle programming with Knight Enterprises, is thrilled to have such an exciting premiere for his first dramatic movie. “It’s pretty neat to have my first film premiere in Hollywood” says West. “I’m really proud of this film and the work we’ve done.”

West is slated to direct his first feature film in 2009 with a locally-set comedy-thriller entitled The Odds. “This will be the first theatrical feature to be made here in Ottawa by Quiet Revolution Pictures, and for that reason, I’m really excited to have the chance to work with such a talented local director” says producer Michael A. Dobbin. “I’m really looking forward to working with Matt again.” Dobbin remains tight-lipped about the much anticipated feature film, but promises an exciting announcement in the coming weeks.

Dobbin and West have worked as a creative team since their student days at Glebe Collegiate in the early 1990s. The Funeral… Again! has been their first project since Dobbin returned last year to Ottawa from the United Kingdom to start Quiet Revolution Pictures.

The curtain goes up on The Funeral… Again! at the famous Laemmle’s Theater on Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood this Saturday at 2:45 in the afternoon. The film was chosen out of some 1,400 entries, and is the only Canadian film in competition.

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  1. Great Snake skin Tattoo work done on your memeber there Eric,it looks so real,that The Woodman is either homo-phobic or scared of snakes,,hehehe.