Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sometimes I surprise even...myself!

I just got a "new" car, which is actually 12 years old. Which means it might be the last car on the road in Ottawa that still has a tape deck. Only. And I got tired of listening to static. This coincided with my mother-in-law dropping off the gigantic box of cassette tapes that I had left at her house years ago. After all, who would ever have thought they would come in handy, ever again? But they did, and I grabbed a fistfull of tapes on my way out the other night. Mix tapes I made when I was about thirteen. My recollection of my musical taste at that age is spotty, but I know I liked Paula Abdul and Janet Jackson and the C&C Music Factory, and all kinds of horrible things. But I surprised myself with my old tapes! Some of them are actually very good! Black Dog and Kashmir, House of the Rising Sun, Van Morrison's Baby Please Don't Go...of course, there were still some Bangles songs and, embarassingly enough, one by Vanilla Ice. And that's what sucks about a tape deck. You can't just skip to the next song. But for the most part, it seems I had better musical taste than I remember!

Another thing I seem to have forgotten is that when I taped these songs, I used to cut out the parts of the tunes I didn't like. So, when Thorogood's "One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer" played, it started, then fast-forwarded, on it's own, through all that talking before the song started. It makes for a whole new listening experience, this tape deck that is a window into my silly childhood.

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