Friday, July 25, 2008

Snake at the station!

In photo #1, we can see Woody keeping a cautious and frightened distance from the snake.
In photo #2, we can see the full size of this snake, "Zen", as his handler stretches him out to full length.
In photo #3, the snake has wrapped itself around me, and in photo #4, it has decided to stick it's tail up my butt a little.

The Carnivale Lune Bleue people came in this morning to tell us about their event, which sounds really cool. They are putting on a 30s-style carnival show out near Kars, with the freak shows and the feats of strength and the authentic five-star dining cuisine. And the snakes. We talked to a man who has been a carny for 60 years, and has done the sword-swallowing, the fire-eating, and whatever else the carnival brings to town. He was an advisor on the TV show Carnivale, which is the series upon which this Lune Bleue event is based. It runs throughout August here in town.
Of course, Woody has a serious fear of snakes. I have a buddy, Darryl, who has a similar fear. He decided one time to immerse himself in snakes, to conquer his fear by watching the movie Anaconda. And in watching it, he really was not scared at all when it came to the giant snakes eating people. But there's a scene when a dam explodes, and tiny baby snakes fall on the boat, and he almost cried. I thought perhaps Woody would be the same way. When it comes to giant snakes, they aren't the same as the tiny baby ones. It's like a whole different animal. But...that was not the case. He backed off, and stopped talking, and watched the snake really carefully, but to his credit he didn't freak out. I think he just sweated a bunch. And even better, he didn't let loose a string of f-bombs that could have cost us all our jobs. So, all in good fun! The snake's name is Zen, he's a Burmese Python, he weighs about 200 pounds, and he's ridiculously muscular. I could feel him squeeze a little when he was wrapped around me, and I can certainly see how these things could eat people. But it spent three hours at the station and ate nobody. Even though, when no one was looking, I secretly rubbed Randall's chair with raw chicken.
Here is a link to the youtube video of the event (listen for the hissing):

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