Thursday, July 3, 2008

One more thing

I realized that I had left out one key tip for Canada Day - and although it is too late, perhaps someone will find this next year and need this added tip - never bring a car anywhere. First of all, and most obviously, bringing a car will seriously curtail your drinking. As you move along, you would like to be able to indulge in three or four beers, at the very least, and the car of course precludes you from doing so. But more than that, the car goes against the very spirit of Canada Day in every way. If you want to head downtown, or to another area of the city, you take a bus. Because there are people - Canadians - on the bus, and the whole idea behind this day is other people. There are no people to meet in your car. Even a bicycle is no good - you either take a bus or you walk. That's it.

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