Thursday, July 3, 2008

My actual Canada Day.

Although my actual Canada Day was a lot less exciting than some I've had in the past, it was decidedly satisfying. Whereas the plan I had to keep moving and never slow down never really happened, other people apparently took my advice. The main idea behind Canada Day is never to plan anything. And we didn't do that. We dropped our youngest off at his dad's very early in the morning, and the oldest was hanging out with his buddy all day and we dropped him off at about noon. And at 12:01, we opened our first beers. Figuring to play the day by ear, and go where the winds blew us, the winds had other plans. Instead, they blew people our way. We never left the house. My girlfriend's friends dropped by at about 1:00. Then my friend Xavier and his girlfriend Verna, in town from Boston, came by a half hour later. Then more friends, more people, neighbours and their families and friends. By 3:00, our backyard was full, there was a badminton tournament going on on the lawn, and more people were still arriving.

And, in the end, this is the best kind of Canada Day party. The kind that is completely impromptu, the kind that is not planned in any way, that just springs out of nowhere. By the end of the evening, most everyone had moved on, and Xavier, Verna, Jen and I walked over to Tim Hortons for coffee before watching the fireworks in Kanata. The strains of "Oowatanite" wafted over Hazeldean Road as April Wine finished their set on the hill, and I tried to keep moving while the fireworks were on - I've seen fireworks before. But the others wanted to stop, so stop we did. All in all, a successful day. Instead of going to see everyone we know, they all came to us. The spirit remained the same, even though the actual execution differed greatly.

OK, OK, I'm lame.

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