Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back at the bloggin'

It's been a while since I had a chance to sit down and irritate Doc with a long-winded blog posting. However, it has been a busy few days and weekend, and only now am I getting a chance to write something. I'm sitting at Doc's desk right now, which means I actually have a computer to work with during the show, and I am using that to write in the ol' blog now that I have no more breaking rock news to update or stories to find or rantbacks to produce. Funny rantbacks today - people seem to miss the point about Afghanistan a lot here...they get irritated with Randall because he suggested that the Russians found out that they could not defeat Afghanistan, and we are not trying to defeat Afghanistan...we are trying to help them...all true. But in point of fact we are trying to "defeat" the Taliban. And it was the Taliban that the Russians could not defeat. Missing the point a little, but that's what you get.

My aunt has been in town all weekend, and that's been good. I haven't really spent a lot of time, like a whole weekend, with her since I was probably 15 years old. And it turns out our relationship has not changed one bit. We are still fairly evenly matched at scrabble, she still makes me take my hat off inside the house (she's a teacher), and she still guilts me into doing actual work around the place. Would you believe that within two hours of getting up on Saturday morning, she guilted me into weeding? I hate weeding. More than anything else in the world. More than brussels sprouts, more than Bill O'Reilly, more than Pierre Polievre and John Baird combined. I HATE it. But at the same time I refuse to use chemicals to get rid of the weeds. So I let them grow. I feel that if a weed grows long enough, and tall enough, to eventually bloom, then it becomes a flower, and not a weed at all. And it no longer needs to be pulled. Makes sense, no?

The plants in my yard are all new to me. This being the first time we've had the house in the summer, it is the first time we've actually seen these plants grow and flowers bloom and so forth. So I still don't really know which ones are weeds and which ones are real plants. So I let it all go. And eventually, everything has a flower, and it's chaotic but pretty cool looking. But apparently I need to pull out this thing and that thing and whatever that is. (It turns out, by the way, that if you let weeds grow to a height of four feet or more, they are much easier to pull out by the roots. Just a tip for you gardeners out there.) Then I had to get the ones between the cracks of my patio, which I felt just gave the patio more character...but my aunt has this insidious way of starting to weed my garden and patio to the point where I feel guilty and have to go help...so I did. At least we took the young lad out to see WALL-E on Sunday, which was just the best animated movie I have ever seen. Review is here:


Now the show is over, so I have to give up my computer, and stop typing.

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  1. Eric there is a misconception here the Talibans did not defeat the Russians, it was a combine effort by all Afganese. Once the Russians were defeated the Talibans with the help of other's took over the country and became tyrants the rest of the people could not resist them.