Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekend recap

It has been a busy weekend, and I have not had a chance to sit down and blog, so I figure I'll make up for it now. Thursday I was out at a golf tournament at Loch March for the Jewish Community Centre, a tournament where they managed to raise a staggering $58,000.00 for the day. Best day of the year so far for golf, and my foursome was actually a threesome that finished at a solid 6-under-par for the day despite the fact that I was holding us back a good portion of the day. Irv and John, two insurance brokers, were my playing partners, and had we not bogeyed a couple of holes, we could possibly have won. A great, well set up tournament where the highlight was the food. Some of the best food I've ever seen at a golf tournament, and it never stopped. How these JCC guys aren't all six hundred pounds, I'll never know. I was especially excited, because on Thursday night, after the first round of the US Open, at minus-6, WE could have been leading! Yep, the three of us together are better than Tiger Woods. And I stand by that.

I watched a good portion of the Open on the weekend, the highlight of course being Saturday evening when Tiger Woods made that incredible charge to finish at 3-under with the eagle putt on 18. Well, no. The real highlight was watching Phil Mickelson do something that I could do - shoot a nine on the par-four 13th, as three shots in a row came right back to where he hit the ball. You gotta feel for Mickelson - his home course, the whole crowd pulling for him, and he's paired with Tiger and blows up on that one hole. I also felt for Rocco Mediate, who played very well the whole weekend, only to miss his birdie attempt at 18, leaving the door open for Tiger to do what we all knew he was going to do - drain that birdie putt and force a playoff. I'm cheering for Rocco tomorrow, I love this guy. No one else seems to be having as much fun out there as he is. I'm glad there's one more day of golf too, because hopefully Tiger will continue to be as wild off the tee as he has been. That makes for some entertaining golf, because it means that whenever the ball lands in the crowd, the entire crowd rushes over like a swarm of bees to crowd around the golf ball. This is a Tiger ball, you see. And therefore looking at it, lying there in the gallery, is so important that you would knock over your grandmother to do so. Or something.

Friday I got a chance to watch my short film, The Funeral...Again, as the director Matt West dropped off a DVD copy of it for me here at the station during the show. I had missed the big theatrical premiere at the World Exchange Plaza because I was hosting the golf tournament, but Doc and Woody both attended in my place. They said they enjoyed it, and that I was decent, but I have trouble watching myself in a movie. I either feel like a second-rate Seth Rogen, or I feel like they're just filming me going about my daily business. The film is cute and charming though, and only eleven minutes, so I didn't have to watch myself very long.

Friday night, we took the kids out to the drive-in at Port Elmsley to watch the new Indiana Jones and Iron Man. The new Indy is almost exactly what you would expect, ridiculous escapes, booby-trapped temples and hot-and-cold romance with Karen Allen. It does the job. But Iron Man is amazing. One of the best movies of the year. Reviews for both movies will be posted on the Cynical Cinema page on Wednesday. And the kids loved both, which was great too. Coincidentally, I saw Bree, the makeup artist on my short film, at the drive-in with her husband, and she said the screening on Thursday was a success.

On Saturday, I took our youngest out to the Abbeyhill garage sale, an annual event in our old neighbourhood where everyone brings all the crap out of their house that no one uses, and sells it, mostly to their neighbours. Then they take the money they've made selling their crap over to the other houses, and spend it on their crap. And the next year, you see the same crap at the same garage sale, only now in front of different houses. A good chance to see the old neighbours though. The main reason our eight-year-old wanted to go, I am convinced, is that he wanted to make sure Grandma wasn't selling any of his old toys. He rescued a yo-yo that was up on the block. It was his favourite yo-yo, you see...but rather than bring it home, he wanted to keep it at Grandma's house so he could be sure it would be there next time he visited. It's comforting to know your favourite yo-yo is still around at Grandma's.

On Sunday, the kids got me golf shoes for Father's Day! And I'm not even their Dad! And I sent my dad an email. And he really IS my Dad. Which means either I am a terrible son, or my apathy toward contrived holidays and special occasions has not rubbed off on the kids. After all, I did suggest, on this very blog, just a month ago, that I was not going to do anything for my girlfriend on mother's day. After all, she isn't MY mother...looks like I'm digging myself a hole here, and I'm gonna stop.

Later on Sunday, I attempted to take our youngest out to Westfest, but the skies opened up while we were about a block away, we got caught in a torrential downpour, and with the lightning and the thunder and the inability to see where we were driving, he thought it best that we turn around and return home, rather than risking being excluded from the ark and drowning with the excess wildebeests. So slowly, we meandered our way home, just in time for the storm to hit there. Our oldest, who had been at a friend's house and was actually planning to walk home for once, ended up getting a ride, and we weathered the storm from the comfort of the house while watching The Spiderwick Chronicles. Then I watched the Lakers beat the Celtics to force Game 6, went to bed, and here I am. And that, ladies and gentlemen, gets me caught up from the weekend.


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  2. Eric,its too bad the weather didn't co-operate,,& that you have a good relationship wuth the boys.
    I hope you are on good terms with your real folks.
    Is the Movie you were in going to be available for veiwing,or what ?
    Lets see a picture also with you & the new golf shoes with a speedo on & black dress socks,,,SWEET !
    Tell Randall,,Its cool trowing Piss Thermos"s around,,Really COOL !,,,Piss Jugg Ray.

  3. Oh yeah - I'm on great terms with my folks (at least, I'd like to think so). I'll have to buy a new speedo to provide that picture...and as for that movie, I'm sure it will be soon enough, on DVD or something. It'll probably be available through Matt's website for ten bucks or something like dat.