Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stupid golf.

Doc and I played Falcon Ridge yesterday in the rain. I, being somewhat of an idiot, wore my sandals. Which soaked my feet and made me wet and uncomfortable all day. I would like to blame my poor play on this, but in fact it was my lack of skill that caused me to have a horrible game. Before the game began, I had to buy new balls at the pro shop. I chose the cheapest ones they had, because I'm just going to lose them anyway. When I opened them, there was a big slash across the front that said "NOW! With improved durability!" and we found that comical. Improved durability? On a golf ball? Why does one need toughness in a golf ball? Who ever hits the same golf ball more than five times before you lose it? Can I play the entire year with the same ball? I'd have to be pretty good to do that - and if I was that good I would probably be a guy who buys more expensive balls. The entire round, every time I lost one (which was often), Doc told me it was great because the fiftieth guy who found that ball would still be able to use it. Stupid golf.


  1. You mean, when I played golf for the FIRST time last year and didn't lose ANY balls, that I did pretty good? Never thought of that. I never even bothered to find out what my score was 'cuz I thought I did so badly.

  2. YES! You did fantastic. I no longer keep track of my score, I keep track of the number of golf balls I start with and the number I end with. I spend more money in balls than I do on green fees!