Monday, June 9, 2008

Something I forgot.

I think I meant to make mention of this the other day, but I forgot to write it down. We were talking about technology, and how it distances us from each other, and creates a very impersonal environment the world over. And I was going to say how Doc, last week, had sent me an email that I didn't check before the show, and so I had missed a Breaking Rock News story. (Which is better than what I did this morning - suggesting that John Bonham had played with the Foo Fighters on Saturday night. John Bonham is, let me state for the record once again, dead. And he did not play with the Foo Fighters. John Paul Jones did, as did Jimmy Page.) And he complained that I hadn't checked my email, saying "how are we supposed to communicate?" Even Woody, the poster child for blackberry addiction, had to laugh at that one. After all, he had sent the email from the desk he works at in the morning. Which is about twenty feet from the desk I work at. And sure, there is indeed a door in between, but "how are we supposed to communicate?" That really is too funny.

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  1. Eric,,Ask Doc if he would consider running for president of CBC.
    I think his no nonsence & Humour would make him a great candidate.