Friday, June 6, 2008

A quick one...

I have received a couple of emails wondering why I haven't yet, on my blog, broached the subject of Wednesday's debacle at Tim Hortons on Walkley. A brief recap: Doc, having asked me to fill his car with gas the previous day, had given me his credit card. I, being forgetful, had forgotten to return that credit card. When he questioned my sincerity concerning the kids at Tim Hortons and Camp Day (which was why I was at that Tim Hortons), I wasn't too worried. In fact, I'm pretty used to this. Questioning my motives and sincerity and integrity seems to be matter-of-course for him and Woody. But when his questioning of my sincerity caused others to become enraged with me, it was a bit too much. One nutjob caller went off on me. Get him out of there! This is about the children! Eric's an ass! And so forth. The CHILDREN! IT'S ALWAYS ABOUT THE CHILDREN! That really irked me. It's one thing to impugn my motives yourself, but to incite others, like this particular easily-swayed gentleman, against me? That's too much.

So, realizing that I had Doc's credit card, and wanting to show that I was indeed sincere about sending as many CHILDREN to camp as possible, I decided I would use that card to purchase coffee for everyone who came in. Until, of course, I had to leave and return the card. However, Doc went and cancelled the card on me, expecting me to be stuck with the bill. And then suggested that I took off, doing a massive dine-and-dash on Tim Hortons and Camp Day. This was again Doc misconstruing what he heard. In fact, I was running to a gas station bank machine to get money. Tim Hortons does not have interac, and I don't have a credit card. Then, I got sidetracked by a discussion about high gas prices, and just plain forgot about it. But Tim Hortons has been taken care of, many people got free coffee, and some CHILDREN were sent to camp. Everybody wins. Especially the CHILDREN!

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