Monday, June 2, 2008

No more steak, please! ?

The kids are sometimes mystifying to me. They sit on the couch playing this game on their Nintendo DS systems, one on either side of me. The game systems are somehow linked. And after a while, during a commercial in the hockey game, I look to see what it is they are doing. And they are writing notes to each other. That's it. That is what this game is. So they are writing messages and laughing like it's the most entertaining video game in the world. I ask why they don't just pass notes on paper, or maybe actually talk to each other. They tell me I just don't understand. I guess I don't.

Something else I don't understand. I got a whole pile of steaks for a great price on Saturday when I was doing a live commercial at a grocery store. I brought them home, excited at the idea of eating steak, and they said "oh, steak again?" as though it had been less than six months since the last time I subjected them to steak. I decided if they didn't want steak, they certainly didn't have to eat it. And they had hot dogs instead. And they were much happier. So was I, since there is that much more steak, and I have now been eating steak for every meal since Saturday's supper. I guess it takes a while for taste buds to mature to the point where steak is recognized as delicious. Maybe it's at about the same time beer becomes tasty. I'll have to keep an eye on that.

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