Monday, June 23, 2008

I am not a model.

I missed out on yet another chance to add to my now-extensive resume. I have many things listed - radio guy, movie critic, boxer, actor, athlete, singer, painter, sailor, tinker, tailor, and so forth. But until now - never a model. Oh, I have taken modelesque pictures. I do have a portfolio, thanks to Michelle Valberg studios who did a shoot when I made it all the way to Canadian Idol's blooper reel and became a major television star. I have signed (quite recently) a modelling contract with the RCMP. You see, when I went with them on their recruitment drive, they were taking pictures. And in order to use my photo, if they ever decided to do so, I had to sign some kind of waiver. But I had never walked a runway. And I was all set to do so at this bar on Thursday evening. (I would have blogged about it earlier, but I couldn't work my computer for a time.) So by now I have forgotten the name of the bar. But it was beside the Heart and Crown.

Anyway, I was excited for my modeling debut. I was to be featured along with several of Canada's Olympic-calibre athletes. Which meant I would be the odd man out, the dog in the daffodils, the fat guy among the hardbodies. Apparently, however, when the offer was extended, it was merely suggested to Angella, the lady running the event, that I might be willing to do this. It was never explained to her what I actually looked like. And when I showed up, the entire group of models looked at me, somewhat aghast, as I suggested I was there to show off their latest speedo, or whatever. And as it turned out, there was suddenly, amazingly, nothing for me to do. The show was a success, raising money for the HBC Run For Canada, the money going to amateur athletes across the country. The lovely Carolyn Waldo was there, and I got to meet her for the first time. There were dozens of attractive athletes, including Katie Weatherston, an Olympic gold medallist with the women's hockey team. But I did not perform. I did not model a stitch of clothing.

I guess it's OK, for two reasons - one, people were eating while this fashion show was taking place. And in the interests of those people being able to keep down their food, perhaps it was all for the best. And secondly, I think "rejected model" looks way cooler on a resume, doesn't it?

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  1. Ah Eric...once again you underestimate yourself. It was not that the models were aghast, it was that they were in awe. Afterall you were twice the man that any of the others were. Yes, yes, the option of not revealing the thong was probably a good thing! All and all, your appearance was much appreciated! If you really are looking to extend your resumé, we have yet another fundraiser for the Olympic hopefuls (this time the four, yep,count 'em, four going from Perth, ON). 3M in Perth is hosting the NASCAR simulator at their location in Perth on July 12th between 10 a.m. & 4 p.m. So what do you think? Would NASCAR driver rate as a good entry on your resumé? Not to mention Olympic hopeful fundraiser? You might even be able to wear that illustrious Speedo...3M is also holding a car wash that day! We'll be calling you!!! Thx, Kat.