Friday, June 6, 2008

Hockey Night In Canada music. Who cares!

The CBC must have hired some kind of devious promotional company to run their new campaign. This has to be the reason behind the announcement that they may not be bringing back the HNIC theme music next season. Why else would they say anything at all? Why even call attention to it? If they just started next season with different music, no one would notice for six weeks. And even then, it would cause only a minor ripple, and the whole thing would go away quickly. But splashing it all over the front page - CBC is cutting their theme song! What good does that do? Well, it gets people thinking about watching CBC now, after the hockey season is over. And by extension, maybe even watching the CBC now that the only thing they broadcast that's worth watching is done. It's the only explanation I can come up with for the rash of news and commentary (Randall Moore included, of course) about the subject today.

Now, let me just say that I do like the Hockey Night In Canada theme. I remember my friend Mel told me, many years ago, that when a song got stuck in her head, one she didn't want there, (like MmmBop by Hanson), she would just hum a few bars of the HNIC theme and the offending song would disappear. And ever since I have used the very same method whenever Hotel California or Tom Sawyer comes on the radio. And it certainly works. But other than as a method of purging offensive and terrible yet catchy tunes, what good is the theme anyway? Sure, it's very familiar. Certainly, it creates a feeling of Canadiana in all of us when we hear it. But petitions? Letter-writing campaigns? Is anyone really going to lose sleep over this? Is anyone going to stop watching HNIC if they change the theme? Although some obviously think of it as such, this isn't our national anthem here people. The government is trying to censor movies. They are ignoring global warming. Stephen Harper is on tape bribing an independant MP. And THIS is what gets our blood up? THIS is what outrages us? Take it to the government, the people have spoken! Let them know we won't stand for this!

If you are one of the people who won't stand for this, who wants to make your voice heard, there is nothing quite like a petition to do so...

Go there, and godspeed!


  1. I followed this story when I first saw it on the sportsnet web site yesterday afternoon. In then appeared elsewhere, but nowhere on the CBC web site until at least an hour or two after everywhere else had it. It was the owner of the song (or the company that manage's its copyright) that broke the story.

    At this point, CBC is using the publicity to get out of the lawsuit for using the music outside their agreement in 2004. "It's not good business practice to do business with someone who is suing you."

    If CBC wants to go in a new direction, they need to axe Bob Cole and Harry Neale.

  2. If CBC can fly Bob Cole in from Newfoundland every week to ruin hockey games, they can cough up for the tune. When CBC tries to do their own music, it's a disaster. The put on some sappy, maudlin tune that has you half asleep before the drop of the puck. (See game 6)

    And what's the deal with that link on Eric's blog? I went to sign the petition and it asked for money. I'm not paying to sign a petition.

    And to all you Italian, Greek, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and German fans: Holland will win Euro 2008.

  3. Who started that petition? Begging for money is lame. Especially when there's another petition service that doesn't ask for money.

    Here's another petition link that was started before the one posted above. There's over 1000 signatures on it, as well:

  4. There's also a facebook group that I think hold candlelight vigils or something equally lame:

    Old people don't like things to change. The world as they know it is going to hell in a handbasket and they figure the one thing they might have a chance at controlling is the hockey night in Canada theme. I say hold a reality show for songwriters who want to write the new theme. There's months of dynamic Canadian TV programming right there. Canadians could vote. William Hung could write something really stupid. Sass Jordan and that hockey guy could judge. It would be a laugh riot

  5. Are you intimating that you don't like Hotel California or Tom Sawyer?

  6. I concur on Hotel California and Tom Sawyer, both those songs force me to change the station STAT.

  7. Not that I don't like Tom Sawyer or Hotel California...well...not that I don't like Hotel California, anyway. But I am so sick of that Eagles tune and I have always despised Tom Sawyer, and they both somehow get into my head. And I have no idea how come they're asking for money on that link I gave. It's the same one Doc and Woody have on the Fun Page, I just nicked the link from there, and I don't think anyone else has been asked to pay. Who knows?

  8. Everyone would have been asked to "donate". It's optional, but they don't say that. You just submit your vote and close down your web browser when it asks for money. Seems they want it to help support the ipetitions web site.