Monday, June 23, 2008

Comfortably Numb. I was - but not as numb as Robin Harper.

These concerts are dangerous. I once hosted a Comfortably Numb show at the old Capital Music Hall, and after bringing the band back on for the second set, I walked off the back of the stage, through the curtains, to where I believed the stairs to be. It was, however, not where the stairs were. And I missed them all completely. And I fell about six feet to the ground, where I landed - on the stairs. I cracked up a few ribs, bruised my arms and smashed the back of my head a little. However, in one of my proudest feats as an adult, I did not spill a drop of my beer. Cracked ribs and all, I held the beer up high, and kept it intact. For a while there, I felt like Jackie Chan. Then the pain set in, and I hobbled back to the bar for some medication.

On Saturday night, Comfortably Numb played another sold-out, raucous show at Barrymore's. I'm not even a Pink Floyd fan, but I really love these shows. Is it maybe time to stop saying these guys are the best tribute band in the world, and perhaps recognize them as the best, of all, live bands in Ottawa? Just a thought. Three hours of nonstop Pink Floyd, and it was so good that many people bought tickets and attended both shows, Friday and Saturday. Robin Harper had introduced the band on Friday night, and he was back again on Saturday to host the show with me. By the time the first set had ended though, he had taken off to go play pool. I hosted the second half myself, and Robin told me he would be back later that night to share a few more drinks. But he never showed up. I just figured he had met a girl, got waylaid somehow. Or maybe got way laid somehow. I forgot about it and went home.

It was only the next day that I discovered he ended up in the hospital. With many shattered bones. And I thought - Comfortably Numb strikes again! At least I wasn't permanently damaged from my fall - although my golf game certainly suffered that summer. But Robin was either more inebriated than I was, or I have more Jackie Chan in me than he does, because he ended up much the worse for wear. Read his blog for the full details on what happened after he left the Numb show on Saturday:


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  2. I've had a cheer or two,for saving the brew,,But that is a feat boy.
    & a trooper to keep pounding.
    & E.B. Trooper,I can't help holding you partially responsible for Robins Downfall.
    Ya shoulda Seen the signs man,ya shoula seen the signs,,,lol,Over & Out.