Monday, June 30, 2008

A bit of a shock.

When I went to Mac's yesterday for some pop, stocking up on provisions for the birthday party, I received a bit of a shock. The guy behind the counter has never, ever before been so happy to see me. He came out from behind the counter, saying "thank GOD! Thank GOD you're here!" Well, I believe he said "thank Allah", to be more accurate. Apparently, there had been a shooting the night before, and the picture of the victim had been in the paper. And that picture looked a lot like me. So for several hours, this man had been stewing over the thought that I might no longer be coming in. He told me that he was thinking of my standard order all morning - that guy who buys a different magazine every time, with a pack of cigarettes for his girlfriend, and sometimes milk...he doesn't know my name at all, just my purchase habits and my goatee. I was quite flattered that he remembered me enough to mourn my potential loss for the better part of a morning, but the whole thing was rather disconcerting.


  1. Thats because,by the sound of the purchases you make.,AT a Mac's
    You are putting his kids through DOCTORS SCHOOL !
    Hello everybody,,
    "HELLO DR NICK " !

  2. Nope - astronaut college. They have high ambitions!