Thursday, May 29, 2008

The ridiculous item of the day just got ridiculouser...more ridiculous.

The "ridiculous item of the day" on the Doc and Woody show this morning, at about 6:10, was Rachel Ray. Yes, Rachel Ray, in and of herself, is indeed ridiculous. But that is not what was ridiculous. You see, she is endorsing Dunkin Donuts and appearing in one of their ads. And even though she is a cook on TV, endorsing amazingly fatty foods is not what is ridiculous. In that ad, she wears a scarf. And apparently, some neocons in the States, some absolute maniacs (Bill O'Reilly of course among them) have decided that the scarf she wears in this ad resembles, in a very loose way, a certain kind of scarf worn by Muslims. Muslims, of course, are all terrorists, which means that this scarf is worn only by terrorists. And so Rachel Ray must be stopped. By O'Reilly and his lunatic cohorts. This was our ridiculous item of the day. But it is not what is ridiculous. Or, at least, it is not what is most ridiculous.

We didn't report this at the time, because we were unaware of it, but the TRULY ridiculous thing in all this - Dunkin' Donuts actually pulled the ads. Yanked them off the air. Because of this. THAT is what is ridiculous. Dunkin' Donuts must be as asinine and stupid as the rest of them, and they can cram it with walnuts. Oh, one more ridiculous thing - I only wrote this post to use the word "ridiculous" more times in two paragraphs than anyone ever has before. I can't find stats on that, but when I do, I will post those ridiculous stats here as well.


  1. Hi All: Please sign a petition to tell Dunkin Donuts we don't believe Rachel Ray's scarf is a terrorist symbol and that we're disappointed in their decision to pull their ad and capitulate to the hysterical fringe of the right-wing blogosphere:

  2. Ignorance like evil lurks everywhere,
    to defeat it,is to be ignorant,
    human nature is,,to hate,& fear what we are afraid of,,
    kill hate & fear,
    will kill ignorance.

  3. Although I appreciate the nature and the thought behind the petition...which is "hey, Dunkin Donuts, you're douchebags" in nicer language...does it have to be from "Rachel Ray fans"? I hate Rachel Ray. Can't it be from "sensible, rational and logical people the world over"? And why does it have to be a petition...

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  5. Lets March The HILL,,,,& Burn Donuts