Friday, May 9, 2008

Once again, that link to the baseball video.

I received a complaint that since I posted one more, the link is now hard to find. Like, you might have to scroll down. Here, once again, is the link to my baseball tryout video, up at the top of the blog for easy access. I will make sure not to think of anything else to write for a full day.

The coach you see in the video giving me a hard time is suggesting that perhaps, in order to make sure my throw to home gets in from the outfield, we could use seven or eight cutoff men - form a human chain, like an old-school fire brigade carrying buckets of water. I asked if he would prefer I run the ball in from the outfield, and he said "we only have the diamond for three hours". Well, I may not be fast, but I know I can certainly throw. But this guy was all about giving me a hard time. He was irritated that I hadn't told him to time me with a calendar instead of a stopwatch in the 40-yard dash, and suggested that anyone who showed up to a baseball tryout without pants, a cup, and cleats was likely a numbskull. He may not have been wrong. I loved that guy.

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  1. Good job Eric,,you looked like you were having fun & giving(putting out),,You really did good & have ,by the looks of it some Baseball ability,,,,where were ya when my Expo's were suck'n wind ?
    You might have drawn 100 or two in the BIG "O"! Ha ha ,,,Peace.