Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oh where, oh where has my little dog gone?

Yesterday, while pooping in the backyard, Muffin apparently began to yearn for the wide open spaces beyond the backyard fence. No longer content to bite the tulips in the garden or chase the bees that pollenate those tulips, she decided to move on to more interesting flowers and insects, in the front yard and all the way across the street. I have no way of knowing whether she felt it was rewarding once she reached the other side of the fence, whether the daffodils in the front yard were more delicious than the tulips in the back, or whether the earwigs make for better chasin' than the bees. She wouldn't tell me. But I did discover, later on, how she managed to effect her escape. Once I had her safely back in the backyard, I saw her, once again, make a break for the quasi-freedom of the front yard and the telephone pole that seems to be a major attraction out there. She (being six inches high) managed to squeeze her body through a three-inch space under the gate at the front of the yard. Like a tiny doggy-limbo contest. I let her get through before I went after her this time, because I felt that startling her in the middle of such a difficult manoeuver could lead to her being seriously injured in some way. An impressive feat, I must say.

But of course, this all took place after a fairly nerve-wracking two hours, when I went outside after taking a phone call and discovered the dog was missing. I wasn't worried about not finding her. Her legs are pretty short, and I didn't imagine she could go too far. Rather, I was worried that her newfound curiosity for things-outside-the-gate, combine with her love for taking car rides, might lead her to make the acquaintance of a passing vehicle, and her departure from the comfy confines of the backyard might be followed soon after by her departure from this mortal coil. So I began to search the neighbourhood. I went up and down every street, emasculating myself over and over by yelling "Muffin!" into hedges and such. When I returned, so had Muffin. However, as some neighbours informed me, she had been milling about on the patch of grass across the street from my house when a "man in a blue pickup" stopped by and picked her up. So now, I'm very worried. Was this a humanitarian pick-up, like I have done before, merely making sure Muffin is safe, before finding her owners, or was it one of those "hey look, a cute dog! The kids'll love this" type deals. I don't know!

I was informed that this man in the blue pickup lived in the neighbourhood across from mine. They think. Maybe. So now I'm running around yet another neighbourhood, this time looking for some kind of blue pickup truck in a driveway. An hour later, totally luckless, I returned home, and I saw my neighbour, Kat, walking around in front of my house holding Muffin. The man in the blue pickup truck, apparently nothing more than a good samaritan, had been driving around trying to determine where this dog lived. Or, perhaps, he had intended to kidnap her but then discovered very quickly how much she smelled and decided against it. And he had left her with Kat, who stands in front of my house with her child waiting for the bus every day. And today she had waited around while I walked all over the neighbourhood, looking for a dog and a pickup truck, so she could return Muffin to my waiting arms. I owe both these people a great debt of gratitude. I think, however, that Muffin was rather sour with them. After all, she was going to come back. Our house is where the food (tulips) and entertainment (bees) are.

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  1. I'm very Happy your little one is back where she belongs,& safe & sound.
    Those Horror stories you here of people breaking in and microwaving little Sweeties haunt me & make me think of my little one,,if i were to return and find that.
    Besides,,put a leash on & walk the thing with yer little Crap baggies ya lazy fat "ARSE" !
    LoL,,,Ha ha