Friday, May 23, 2008

My poop is neon green.

I decided this morning that I would eschew my routine hamburger breakfast, in order to eat better and maybe make it through the NFL-style training camp that was in store for me. So I ate a bowl of All-Bran instead. And then I got to wrok, and Mrs. Woody had made me a protein shake for the day. And as I finished the last drop, Woody made mention of the fact that since this was a fairly large departure from my usual diet, there was a good chance it might make it's way through my system really fast. And he was right. Two minutes into my workout this morning, I realized I had the runs. But there were no toilets at Mooney's Bay open for me to use. No bushes to hide behind. And a workout to get into. So I held it in for an hour and a half while being put through some seriously punishing football drills. And by the time I got back to the station, my need to poop had gone away. It returned as Doc was driving me home, and I just got in now and let fly. And it was neon green. Bright, staggeringly crisp, neon green. I think I may, over the course of the day, have turned into a leprechaun.

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