Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My hands aren't working.

My hands don't work. They don't jurt, but they're barely working. This is the most difficult blog posting I have ever typed, because I am using almost entirely my left hand. My right hand is having trouble with the most basic tasks. Like closing and opening. I can't even double-click a mouse. My neck is stiff and sore, and my back is a little bit tweaked. All this because of one day of working out. I had my first of four brutal days yesterday at Final Round boxing on McCarthy. Matt, the owner of the place, put me through my paces. Learning to punch, doing pushups and drills and excercises and so forth. And then sparring. Two rounds of two minutes each, and it absolutely killed me. Matt was going easy on me, and didn't hit me in the face too much, but I was still decidedly overmatched. Punching for two minutes straight takes a lot out of a person. Especially if you're trying to punch hard. I now understand fully how Ali managed to use the rope-a-dope. I can see how Foreman could have punched himself out in the Rumble in the Jungle. Punching is HARD WORK! (I tried a lead right during our sparring match, just like Ali did against Foreman, trying to throw Matt off his game. It turns out you have to be good enough to do that, and I am not.)

Matt was also giving me openings. I was thinking so hard about my technique through the two rounds of sparring that I was halfway through before I realized he was dropping his guard to give me a chance to punch his head. But even when I could see the kill shot right there, I couldn't do it. Something in me won't let me punch someone in the head as hard as I can. Even though he was wearing head gear, my punches are weak anyway, and I could barely lift my arms at the time. I may as well have made a slingshot out of a doily, used a cupcake for a rock, and hit him with that. By the end of the session, I couldn't lift my arms. By the time I left for home, I couldn't drive the car with my right arm. And even now, I can't use my right hand for just about anything.

Which brings us to today. I went out last night looking to purchase a protective cup for today's Krav Maga training. However, it looks as though the city's supply of jockstraps is completely depleted. There were none to be found, anywhere in town. And that was the one specification the Krav Maga people had - be sure to wear a cup! I am REALLY not looking forward to today now. But I have to stop typing. My arms and fingers are exhausted.

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