Monday, May 19, 2008

I am going to miss my own premiere!

Several months ago, I signed on to host a golf tournament for the Jewish Community Centre in June. I like hosting golf tournaments - it's always a solid day, meeting new people and playing in a tournament where scores are fairly meaningless. It does little for my game, these best ball things where you only take six different shots over the course of a game, but there is always a nice dinner and a lot of happy (often drunk) people enjoying some auctions and prizes and so forth. I don't take money to host when it's for charity, but I take a tax receipt for the donation of my time, which ends up making for a solid bonus on my tax return at the end of the year. And I'm looking forward to this one. I went to a meeting with the board of directors of the tournament, who seem to have their stuff in order. The worst thing these tournaments do, when they do it, is drag on and on when the whole thing is over. Two hundred prizes given out by raffle, three hundred auction items that range from hockey tickets to brand-new shoelaces, and all of this after everyone has been served and finished their dinner. These guys, however, get it. A golf tournament - the dinner, the auction and everything - has to be done by a reasonable hour, in this case they say 8:00.

However, it will be with a slightly heavy heart that I host this event this time. You see, the movie premiere date of my short film, The Funeral: Again, is that very same night. This is a 15-minute movie in which I acted some six months ago or so. And it is coming to an actual theatre, having an actual screening, and it seems like a really cool event I don't want to miss. But it is not to be, this time. The premiere is by invitation only, and I will be forced to miss it. So I am going to send someone in my stead, equipped with a bootlegging apparatus so they can videotape the movie and bring it back to me on DVD...

Actually, I had a long discussion about movie bootlegging with the kids the other night. They were irritated, because they wanted to watch Kung Fu Panda, but at home, and not out in the theatres where the floors are sticky. They suggested that I download the movie to save us all the trouble of getting into the car and navigating the sticky floors of some crass multi-plex. Although I tried in some way to explain why I didn't download theatrical movies and burn them to DVD, I think I lost them when I started to use words like "intellectual property" and "digital piracy" and "professional integrity". Their argument was "everyone does it". Which is, as I recall, my own argument for just about everything when I was their age. Whether "everyone" did it or not. Come on, Mom! Let me ride the sled down the stairs! Everyone does it! And I just don't believe in it...that and it's likely more trouble than it's worth. So I won't be pirating any flims. Except for mine.


  1. If you thought the theatre's floors are sticky now,
    you should of walked on the floors of,,The Cinema Lamour ,,& The Pussycat !

  2. Ya got outside & realized you are only in socks !

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  4. Mustard Tiger! I love it - Phil Collins is a Mustard Tiger...that a picture of you and him?

  5. NO,,Its not me with Phil,,,,But he sure is(The Show) esp him,,Very Funny !