Sunday, May 25, 2008

Beer is the new cereal.

When I was opening my case of Budweiser on Saturday night, I discovered a hat. Another glorious new hat, to replace the RCMP one I've been wearing since I did the RCMP day, which replaced the Habs hat I got when I traded a guy for my CHEZ hat, which replaced my Gearhead hat that I got when I broke into their store, which replaced the Dewalt hat I got when I hosted Toolfest...anyway. It's one of those irritating trucker hats that really aren't cool any more, with the old-school snap backs and the pre-ripped brim for that lived-in look. Irritating, but I'll probably wear it.

And then it occurred to me. Beer is the new cereal. When I was a kid, there were some pretty solid toys in cereal boxes. Now, when we get cereal for the kids, the boxes no longer contain cool toys. They have website codes, so you can go to the Nabisco website and help the poor lost Shreddie find his way through the hungry fish-mouths to safely join the frosted Mini-Wheat in the Garden Of Deliciousness. Or something like that. Or, they have word searches and mazes printed onto the backs of the boxes. Which is awfully cheap and lame. Now it is only beer where the generation that grew up with prizes in cereal can actually get something worthwhile. Hats, movies, T-shirts, glasses. It's the only place you can do that now! Here is a cartoon that explains the sad state of today's cereal toys better:


  1. Hey "E",,maybe someday in the near future,we may get lucky and find that one free bottle of Gasoline,in random boxes.
    Lets hope the winning bottles are clearly marked.
    I thinks it getting closer & closer to run the car on USA marked down Vodka & swill gin,,,Ha ha ha ha.