Monday, May 19, 2008

Alice Cooper - are you kidding me? Thanks Robin!

After peeling a banana with my butt, and posting that video online, my girlfriend started complaining. That was just too far. To disgusting. It wasn't even funny. Why do you DO these things...and so on and so forth. And although I agreed with her in principal - it WAS disgusting, and not funny, and all the rest of it, I told her that every time I do something Doc and Woody want me to do, and I don't find it funny or relevant or interesting, that ends up being the one thing that takes off, or that becomes more than just another crappy youtube video. Painting with my butt...come to think of it, most of this stuff has to do with my ass. The Robin Harper gets it into his head that Alice Cooper, the ultimate rock 'n roll showman, might enjoy having an opening act like my banana-peeling trick. And he asks him on his radio program on Thursday afternoon if the idea appeals (no pun intended) to him. And Alice Cooper says that it does. He actually seemed interested! (Or, at the very least, interested in seeing the video.)

So, even if nothing else goes my way, and I don't end up on stage with Alice Cooper, at least I know he has watched my video. Alice Cooper has watched MY video. That, in itself, makes me happy. And on Robin's show Thursday, he said two things that thrilled me. First, he dropped the names of two people I absolutely love. First, he compared me (hypothetically) to Sinatra, suggesting that having a talent like mine and not showing others would be like Sinatra not singing. Then, he said that were he still alive, Frank Zappa would sign me to a contract! Just hearing that conversation on Friday was one of the best moments of my life! I really need to get a better life...

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  1. Eric,,i so hope this materializes & i hope i can be there to see it.
    I think Vinny will go for it,,he sounded pretty interested in the video,,,my fingey's are crossed,,,good luck brother,,,& Eat At Dirty Burger!
    As Cyrus would say,,,F O ,,I G W T D !