Saturday, April 19, 2008

World's warmest snowball fight!

Due to the bizarre weather we've had, it felt like forty degrees outside yesterday, yet there was still a substantial snow pile in our backyard. I had been outside working all day, and the kids came out to join me aftern dinner to play some soccer and some football. One of their friends was over, and very quickly the entire "regular games" thing we were doing devolved into a massive snowball fight between three kids and one "adult". Truly, the best weather imaginable for a snowball fight, since everyone was hot and sweaty already, and wearing shorts and T-shirts. Therefore, the snowballs were more likely to hit exposed skin, which is (from what I understand) far more satisfying, yet not painful because it kind of soothes in that type of heat.

I'm thinking that later on in the summer, when it gets ridiculously hot (and if it's all of a sudden 24 degrees now, then by my calculations, it will be 44 degrees in July), we're going to eschew the traditional methods of cooling off - the boring stuff, like outdoor pools and ice cream - and I'm going to take the kids on a tour of hockey rink parking lots, where the zambonis dump the excess snow outside the doors after cleaning the ice. And we will have snowball fights. Or build a fort.

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