Wednesday, April 9, 2008

We'll never quit! Come home with a split!

So the calls came in yesterday, some having already given up the ghost on the Senators' season. Others showing that balls-to-the-wall delusion of optimism that apparently characterizes real fans. Doc and Woody decided today to appease at least some of those people. Hey - with the parity in the league right now, who knows what could happen in the playoffs? (12 points - just 12 - separated 1st place from 9th in the Eastern Conference this year.) So they got me a heinous cheerleader outfit, and sent me out onto the cold, cold street to drum up some support in the most delusional (and creepy) manner possible. Here is a photo of that delusional and creepy manner:

"Talking against the Sens is treason!
Playoffs are a whole new season!
Don't use logic, don't use reason!
Playoffs are a whole new season!"

"Sis boom beam!
We're the greatest team!
We're going all the way!
Up, down, up!
We'll win the Stanley Cup!"

"This is my upskirt shot"

I received many kind comments, several offensive ones, several honks and one proposition from a gentleman who either knew, or didn't know, what it was I was doing. I'd like to think he knew, and it was a joke...otherwise I imagine he could do better. I kept myself warm laughing at the people in cars who passed by. Those who were listening waved and honked, those who were not stared in slack-jawed disbelief and horror. Small children pressed their terror-stricken faces to the windows of their school buses as they passed by, certain to take their tales of lunatics and pompoms to school, where the kid in the seat next to them would serve as their confirmation that this event actually occured when their classmates disbelieved their tall tale. Video coming soon, I'm sure, to the Doc and Woody Fun Page.


  1. Your not related to that intern on Jay Leno, are you?

  2. Doc, must be sooo proud. :D