Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Things I do on my vacation.

Finally, some time on my hands! A week to do whatever I feel like what do I do? This - create the worst song ever recorded. I have been doing this with my buddy Eric St-Cyr for many years now, and we have a substantial library, a massive collection of songs which all could vie for the title of Worst Song Of All Time. I think this time we have a champion. Recorded at Eric's Music Academy in Orleans, here is the latest offering from our rap group, O-Face, as we stuck to our strict rules. No song can take more than an hour to do. From finding a song to sample, to matching a beat, to writing the lyrics, to recording and producing, if it takes more than an hour it might become...I don't want to say good. But better. Sobriety is optional, but more often than not we tend to do this while drinking. Also, we don't sample cool songs. Ever. This particular sample, (and we gave her a whole verse in the tune) came from a CD that was dropped off at Eric's Music Academy by the singer, who insisted that it was getting lots of attention from record labels and the music industry in general. I can't remember her name now, or I would give her credit, where credit is due. Anyway, here is the latest O-Face tune, The Ballad of Professor Doctor Octogenarian. This is, unusually for us, safe for work, if not for your reputation:

I have no idea if that worked. I have been trying to do this link from my computer, and frankly, it has taken me far more time than it should have to figure this out. Let me know if this works! If not, I will try something else.

Hey, just in case it didn't work - I just discovered, through my ridiculous computerizings that have taken me the better part of the afternoon today, that O-Face has a myspace page! And 1,293 "friends". I haven't used myspace in about a year, I think. And I'm pretty sure I never created this page...perhaps the other Eric did. Anyway, you can hear the song we did three vacations ago if you go there:

Weird. Clearly, I have WAY too much time on my hands and I need to get back to work soon.

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