Sunday, April 20, 2008

The simplest things amuse me.

My girlfriend had been gardening for two hours. Not the satisfying kind of shovel - and - wheelbarrow type I've been doing, but rather the hands-and-knees and weeds-and-trowels type I have been avoiding. So she's been immersed totally in the dirt and the bugs of our backyard for almost two hours. And she sits down to relax with me by the table in the backyard. And she feels something crawling on her. And freaks out. I try to suggest that she's just been down in the dirt with all kinds of bugs, and this shouldn't bother her now. But she's brushed it off, and sits down again. And freaks out again. It's back! It won't go away! She's hitting her leg with her hand, sweeping all the imaginary bugs off, losing her mind like one of those crackheads that imagines bugs under their skin in the movies. It's only at the moment where she appears as though she might either cry or rip her pants off in terror that I point out what I've seen all along - that a string on her pants has come loose, and is hanging down her leg with a piece of lint on the end like a spider. Then she made some weird kind of Curly-vs-Moe noise, and jabbed me in the eye.

1 comment:

  1. Nyuk nyuk nyuk. I've had the week from Hell and that story put a smile on my face.

    Thanks bro.